Fontaine and Sons Inc. is the best auto repair shop for an oil change.  If you are looking for one of the finest auto repair companies to do your next oil change or any automotive service, check out Fontaine and Sons.  They are a family owned business and strive to provide the best service to every customer.  Fontaine and Sons Inc. is a professional and honest auto repair shop.  They will make honest recommendations for your car, whether it’s for a simple oil change or a more complex repair.  They can perform whatever automotive service your vehicle may need from a PA State Inspection to an oil change, they can do the job!  Their pricing is straightforward and upfront with no surprises.  They will be in touch via text messaging and communicating with you throughout the service.  They recycle the oil from your oil change to heat the shop, so they are environmentally friendly as well.  Available 24 hours a day via email and their website, so check out Fontaine and Sons Inc,  at or 215-766-9750.