Car Battery testing and replacement service in Doylestown PA

Car Batteries

Economy cars, sports cars, powerful trucks, and plus-sized SUVs all have one thing in common – they need a strong, dependable battery to get you from point A to point B.  Getting the right battery for your car or truck is essential for proper vehicle performance. With today’s modern car demands, like satellite radio and in-car GPS, your car batteries needs to be even more powerful.

What about installing car batteries? Save yourself the time and effort it takes to properly install car batteries. The car battery experts at Fontaine and Sons will make sure your battery is installed the right way with clean, secure connections. They’ll also inspect your cables and battery tray and look for any potentially problematic corrosion. For car battery replacement in Doylestown, PA you can trust our team at Fontaine & Sons.

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Car Battery Replacement & Services

Save time and money by having Fontaine and Sons evaluate your car battery.  Have any needed repairs done by our qualified experienced technicians without the hassle of performing the fix at home.

Battery diagnostics and maintenance includes:

  • Visual and physical inspection for loose connections, dirt and corrosion
  • Disconnecting and cleaning cable ends and battery terminals
  • Applying a protective coating to prevent moisture and delay corrosion
  • Replacement of worn or damaged cable ends
  • Tightening cables to battery for optimal connection
  • Testing to measure performance in harsh weather conditions

If your battery has adequate capacity but still is losing its charge, further testing is required. This type of test includes determining the electrical draw of the starter and the output of the alternator.