For all brake needs and brake system repairs or maintenance, Fontaine and Sons, Inc. is one of the best and is located just outside of Doylestown.

As one of the most important safety mechanisms on your car, brakes should be inspected twice a year for wear and damage. Protect yourself and your passengers, while saving money, by fixing any damage quickly.

Some brake components that can fail include; the master cylinder, which holds the brake fluid; the brake pads, if fluid can not be delivered; the brake fluid, if contaminated or otherwise not kept clean; and the combination valve, which regulates the pressure on the front and rear wheels. Brake pads and the corresponding shoes can come in ceramic, metal or organic materials. Disc rotors and drums come in metal. Creating friction to stop the car, the elements of the brake system wear down over time and cause damage to other parts of the car.

Let the brake system experts at Fontaine and Sons, Inc. in Plumsteadville, PA help find the right solutions for all your auto and truck needs.

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